Research Interest

Aiming at diffusion models, quantitative trading, DL and RL currently, welcome to discuss with me.


oier (2017.7 - 2021.1)

  • noip2020: *First prize
  • WC2021: bronze medal

icpc_er (2022.7 - 2024.1)

  • icpc2023 Xi’an invitational contest: gold medal
  • icpc2023 Hangzhou regional contest: gold medal
  • icpc2023 east continent final: silver medal
  • csp: Top 0.3%

NJU-信计-强基 (2022.9 - ???)

  • COSEC paper: Preventing Dataset Abuse in Fine-Tuning Stable Diffusion Models
  • LAMDA RL project

Teaching Assistant

  • 程序设计 (23 fall)
  • 离散数学 (24 spring)


  • Metabit Trading: Quant researcher (2024.6 - 2024.9)

Previous blog website

Welcome to visit my previous blog [wsr_oier], which mainly focuses on traditional algorithm and data structure in competitive programming.

By the way, I recommend you to visit my friends’ blogs in [Link]. They are also excellent.

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